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Steps for Flat stomach

  Flat stomach then six packs . But if you think it is your dream only then you might be wrong , because it is possible to loose your belly fat & get flat stomach . You don't have to go & join the gym it is possible to get Flat Stomach at home . All you need to do is just take a look at few lines as under & implement it . But whatever you gonna do , do it regularly .

Steps to get Flat Stomach

Exercise - 

 As you all know exercise will give you an advantage of burning more calories . Exercise is a very important tool for anyone who wants to loose his body weight . A study showed that it is good if you exercise 5 days in a week . Also exercise increase your health , your immune system .
You can do some simple exercises like Push up's , Pull up's , Various types of Yoga postures ( योगासन )

Diet - 

Diet is something 
Diet is nothing but what you eat  daily . to loose your weight you must have good diet plan . A Diet plan will give you energy that you wants on a daily basis & also for exercise . If you eat like you  regularly eat  it may be possible that you get some extra calories that your body doesn't want or it is possible that you may  not take enough calories for yourself .
 Having a healthy diet plan will make your mission successful i.e. getting flat stomach .

Something more -

There are so many things you can do to help yourself for getting flat stomach like 
  • Using stairs instead of lift .
  • If the distance is not more then you can go by walking or cycling .
  • Go for walk whenever you have mood .
etc . 
 Thank you for reading if you having any suggestion or anything please take a little time to do a comment .

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