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How to Naturally get more fair and Brighter skin .. Fully natural way .

If you are fair or may be not , but in both situation you would like to Get more fair skin easily . So many people are trying types of Fair cream & the cream had no effect . Mostly they all are artificial , made from chemicals . If you have sensitive type of skin then they can cause you a lot !!! Then you would ask me what to do ? O.k. here the fun begins . Today I am going to tell you some Natural skin brightening tips . Which can be used on any skin type

>> Gram Flour - 

    Gram flour is one of the best skin toner in the world . You can use it for your skin , even if you have good skin type it will help you to make it better . What you have to do is just  take some Gram flour according to your use & add one pinch of turmeric add a water to make paste . Then apply it to your face for  5 or 7 minutes then wash it with water . Try this technique for 1 month . It really helps you .

>> Lemon -

Lemon is one of the best natural skin toner . Lemon can remove blackness from your skin . Wash your face , dry it . Then take a piece of lemon & rub it on your face . Wait then wash your face .

>> Sandal Wood (  चंदन  ) -

From ancient time Indian women's are using Sandal wood for their skin . Make a powder of sandal wood & add a pinch of turmeric ( turmeric is optional ) . Add some water and make a paste apply to face stay for 5 or 10 minutes then wash your face .

>>Potato -

Make a juice of potato or simply cut a potato slice and rub on you face . After some time wash your face . It will also remove Dark spots from your face .

Try this all methods then see magic . Also if you have any query please Do a Comment !!!

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